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Keith Sparrow

Writer / Performer / Illustrator

Keith is an artist, writer and performer living in Truro. 

'My work in the arts here in Cornwall takes me down intriguing and fascinating paths. When i'm not working with Coppice Theatre, i'm part of The Story Republic, a group of writers, artists and performers who perform poems, songs and stories with a Cornish flavour. I run manga drawing workshops and sessions to engage children and adults with graphic storytelling, and i work as an illustrator on all kinds of projects. I currently have an exhibition of artwork on the astronomer John Couch Adams, on display at the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro till September 1st 2019.


Other hats have included acting with Cube Essential Theatre and c-scape Dance Company, and performing and directing The Bowie Lounge (an artistic response to the work of David Bowie). I just like doing stuff really.'

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