Combining storytelling, interactive elements, puppets, music and silliness this Arts Council funded show was created in 2018. The show tells the story of the Science Fictionaries who are a group on scientist searching for the best stories about science. Unfortunately disaster strikes when their collection is destroyed and they need the audiences help to get their stories back. A fun, educational, interactive show for 5-12 year olds. The show toured Cornwall in Summer 2018 and again in Spring/Summer 2019, before heading to Plymouth Fringe, London venues and Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Written by Michael Tonkin-Jones

Stories by Keith Sparrow, Hannah Platts, Jasmine Cole & Michael Tonkin-Jones

Directed by Michael Tonkin-Jones


Jasmine Cole

Connie Crosby

Nina Hills

Sara Hooppell

Hannah Platts

Keith Sparrow

Michael Tonkin-Jones

Izzy Wilkinson

Minnie Wilkinson

Producer - Jasmine Cole

Production Assistant - Juliet O'Connor

Set Design & Build - Jasmine Cole

Animation - Michael Tonkin-Jones

Photography & Videography - Neal Megaw