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Our team are in a right pickle! Professor McGuffin’s ground-breaking Sub-Nuclear Optical Transmitter (S.N.O.T.) has stopped working, and it’s jeopardising the whole mission! Now it’s our job to find a way to power it! Join our intrepid scientists on an adventure like no other... Prepare to travel to the deepest depths, and soar to the highest heights! This fantastical show will explore science with fun and accessible adventure stories.

Written by Minnie Wilkinson 

Stories by Keith Sparrow, Nina Hills, Hannah Platts & Sara Hooppell

Directed by Connie Crosby


Wright - Zoe Waters

Professor Von Brandt - Jamie Trotter

Dr Poole - Izzy Wilkinson 

Dr Aries - Aidan Nightingale 

Associate Director - Michael Tonkin-Jones

Producer -  Jasmine Cole

Assistant Producer - Holly Lovelock 

Stage Manager - Demelza Monk

Technician - Hazel Cooke

Photography & Videography - Neal Megaw