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Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 
3rd-21st (Not 17th) August 2022

Disaster! Professor McGuffin's ground-breaking Sub-Nuclear Optical Transmitter (SNOT) has a catastrophic malfunction and needs a new power source! What a pickle!

Enter the ACES – an elite team of scientists doing science like no one has ever science-ed before! Professor Von Brant and the team are on the ground in Edinburgh with a collection of science-themed stories to figure out an answer.

Could wind, water, magma or even 27 bananas power the SNOT?

Find out in this fun and educational storytelling show.

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Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh Festival  Fringe 

3rd-21st (Not 17th) August 2022

A spooky show of terrible tales, bothersome books and gruesome goings on! The Haunted Bookshop has a story for everyone. Everyone, that is, with an appetite for the ghastly, the ghostly and the down right grizzly.

Miss Cordelia Hemlock has tasked her assistant, Ransome Squelch, with traveling the world and snatching despicable stories to be lovingly bound into books. If you're lucky the frankly frightening pair might even share some of them with you. It'd be their pleasure... or perhaps their curse. A weird and wonderfully dark show for horrid children and irresponsible adults.