Connie Crosby is an actor, singer, storyteller, voice artist and aspiring director. She is a proud partner of Coppice and has been a member since the beginning. She grew up in the world of Cornish theatre, surrounded by companies that blend genres, intertwine music and are heavily inspired by the elements. She graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BSc in Psychology in 2016 but has since returned to Cornwall to follow her dream of making theatre, and now works as an actor
with a science degree.


She has performed on clifftops, in forests, in village halls, in gardens, in schools, in manor houses and sung as a Siren in a lake. She is part of the Story Republic, a performance troupe who tell stories, poems and songs with a Cornish twist. She has worked with WildWorks, Palores Productions, Yskynna and Scary Little Girls.

Her Voice Artist credits include Kneehigh’s Walk with Me Postcards and Touching Base by Marion Molteno, written for the Isles of Scilly Walking Stories project.