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Connie Crosby

Director / Performer

Connie Crosby is an actor, singer, storyteller, voice artist and director. She is a partner of Coppice and has been a member since the beginning. Her Coppice credits include Science Adventures, Jack Frost 1 & 3 and Tales from a Haunted Bookshop. She directed Science Adventures: The Power Pickle, Finding Father Christmas, and co-directed Jack Frost 4.

She graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BSc in Psychology but returned to Cornwall to follow her dream of making theatre, and now works as an actor with a science degree.

She is part of the Story Republic, a performance troupe who tell stories, poems, and songs with a Cornish twist. She also has worked with companies such as WildWorks, Palores Productions, ‘Owdyado Theatre and The Minack Theatre.

She also has a film company, Hellys Films, with her partner Neal Megaw.

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