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We create shows for primary aged children that are entertaining, engaging and educations. We are
keen to make all our shows with elements of curriculum enrichment at their core, all our productions have links to topics that can be further discussed in the classroom and we offer wrap around workshops, schools packs and post show Q&A sessions.

Over the past few years we have created a collection of shows that can tour easily to schools and
routinely offer substantial discounts to Cornish schools. We recognise that while the impact of having a high quality, tailor made and education show come to school is immeasurable for the children, schools are always up against tight budget constraints. This is why we fundraise when we make new shows to offer at least 10 heavily discounted, or sometimes free, shows to local schools. We also keep the full cost of our shows as low as possible to make sure the work is as accessible
as possible to a wide range of budgets.

We create work for everyone and as a company we have worked with SEND audiences and workshop participants on many occasions and are very happy to tailor our work to a schools
particular needs.

As well as full scale productions we can also offer stand alone workshops, shorter storytelling pop-up performances and play creation days. We are always happy to work with schools and community groups to create something new and would love to hear from you if you have an idea
that you need support in realising.

To find out more, book a show or workshop, discuss a project idea or anything else education
related please contact us at

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